EVB, BG950A, no response on COM1

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i’m currently using an EVB_V2.2 to evaluate a BG950A-GL-TE-A_V1.3.

When powered on some bytes transmitted via COM1:

<\r><\n>RDY<\r><\n><\r><\n>+CFUN: 1<\r><\n><\r><\n>+CPIN: READY<\r><\n><\r><\n>+QUSIM: 1<\r><\n><\r><\n>+QIND: SMS DONE<\r><\n><\r><\n>APP RDY<\r><\n>

but when sending data (like ATI\n) no respone provided (literal: no character) at all.

Checked with QCOM (on windows), minicom, hterm, strace, … (linux), own code rolled for over modems, anyway: no response.
Different timings, different response delays, different speeds (device only responding at 115200 correctly), different UART configurations.

By the way, i’d probed different RS232 adapters as well.

What am i missing?

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COM1 gives you access to the UART while you need a USB connection to the modem.


I had to connect UART_AUX on BG950 board with USB to get a response out of COM1?
Had to be stated in the dox somewhere.

Why connecting UART_DW not working either?

By the way, it’s working …

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