eUICC changing SIM profiles does not work on BG95

Hi. We are using BG95M5LA-64-SGN in an IOT device, and are doing tests for Remote SIM Provisioning.

  1. eUICC has SIM profile (subscription 1)
  2. With subscription 1 active and registered, we are downloading a second profile (subscription 2) from the server
  3. A command is sent to activate subscription 2.
  4. Subscription 2 is activated and Location Update works, but when eUICC is trying to setup data session with Remote SIM Provisioning server to send “Enable notication”, something goes wrong. In this case, the eUICC roll backs to subscription 1.

If we instead start with subscription 2 and are trying to change to subscription 1, we get the same behaviour.

What can be the reason for this?

Hello Peter,

subscription 2 can be activated but failed during data session with remote SIM Proisioning.
Could you give more infos about this?
BTW, Could you please help collect some QLOG from download subscription 1 till data session failed?

Linkin WANG