ESP32 interface Quectel EC200U-CN for accessing internet

Hello All,

I am new to Quectel I am using EC200U-CN. I am able to execute all AT commands and all works perfectly fine.
I was using SIM800L module and on that I have written the firmware in ESP32 and it uses UART interface to share internet with ESP32. There is direct function called gprsConnect()(which takes few parameter like APN, username, password etc) in the library. and you are good to go and you may use connection object with different protocol to make it talk with the servers. But I notice that Quectel don’t work with the same way. In quectel I need to execute AT command for HTTP request and AT command to send/ receive TCP/UDP message sepreately. each time How can I make connection to the internet which will have multiprotocol?

Can someone correct me If I am wrong.

Thanks and regards,
Neeraj Dhekale

Hello, TCP/UDP is the transport layer protocol, HTTP/FTP is the application layer protocol, you only need to establish HTTP and other application layer protocols, the network will automatically select and establish TCP or UDP according to the application protocol, unless you need to specify TCP or UDP protocol.