eSIM support for RM520N-GL

Greetings. Do the latest firmware for RM520N-GL supports eSIM? If yes can somebody send it to Appreciate the help. Thanks

Revision: RM520NGLAAR01A07M4G
+QESIM: “lpa_enable”,(0-1)
+QESIM: “profile_brief”
+QESIM: “profile_detail”,(1-8)
+QESIM: “eid”
+QESIM: “delete_profile”,(1-8)
+QESIM: “nickname”,(1-8),
+QESIM: “def_svr_addr”,
+QESIM: “disable_profile”,(1-8)
+QESIM: “enable_profile”,(1-8)

Is there documentation for these? I am looking at EC25 Series &EG21-G eSIM
AT Commands Manual, but the commands are not the same.

Coming soon!


what is the point of the feature if it cannot be used? Or, is there documentation that explains how the above commands are used to setup an eSIM?