Error while updating firmware with QFlash

Hello, All,

While updating the firmware of MC60 module with QFlash_V5.0, we are seeing one or other of following errors. The error goes away after multiple retrying - when powering

off the device and trying flashing again with same setting, it fails with ERR_2004_S_BROM_DOWNLOAD_DA_FAIL error. Again powering off the device, and flashing again shows ERR_2004_S_BROM_DOWNLOAD_DA_FAIL error. On third trial for flashing with same settings, the upgrade works many times. But its very painstaking to require multiple trial of re-flashing. What could be the reasons for these errors?

Errors while doing Firmware Upgrade with QFlash:


You will need qFlash 4.8 to download the fw


What is the reason for the error? And why do you feel that downgrading to Qflash4 from Qflash5 will fix the issue?

Hi,In my impression, the version above 5.0 is for 3G, 4G burn write exist, it and 4.8 is not a common version upgrade