Error in Flashing .cfg to EVB ->FAIL, Error ROM 4, 0x10000000

I am a beginner in quectel EVB development starting with M66 on EVB. I am trying to upload my custom project(Edited in main.c) into EVB to test run, but Qflash is Showing the following Error.
FAIL, Error ROM 4, 0x10000000

.cfg PATH : E:\GPRS_PROJECT\New_Setup\M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.4_Eclipse\M66_2.4_Root_\Debug

I have M66_OpenCPU_GS3_SDK_V2.4 as SDK to start-off with.
TE-A module over EVB is being used.
I have seen in many topics inside the forum that, the Final Build of project makes a folder named: Release.
In my case, the makefile does not contain such path and it creates Debug folder instead ,then copies the build files including .cfg inside it.

I have tried uploading the default .cfg files contained inside QFlash4.15 tool for M66, it uploaded perfectly. But I am not able to upload my custom project .cfg and other files.

Am I going the wrong way into building the project/Makefile? Do I have to make changes in Makefile?

Please guide me.


After COMPILE, execute Make Target
to add Mediatek custom header to BIN file

then upload…

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Hey WizIO, Thank you for helping me out!

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Hi. I am also new at GSM modules. How can i add custom header in eclipse?
i am making like this. Qflash gives fail, error rom 0x1000000.

Make Target - GenBinHeader must add header to bin file

Here is the .bin .elf .cfg files. I am using ft232 uart converter is it a problem? Not using rs232. When i try to upload .bin file QFlash gives Fail,Get_Platform Fail error.

Hello all,

I am using MC60E module for my development from last 2 years. Previously all is working fine but recently we are shifter to laptop (Windows 11) after that I am also facing same issue. My all previous build files are programed successfully but new file are not open in QFlash showing error FAIL, Error ROM 4, 0x10000000.
If any one have some idea then help me out.

Thanks in advance,
Abhijeet Tippanna

  1. Open uninstall programs section in control panel.
  2. Check your programs, If you don’t have Microsoft visual C++ 2010 redistributable, download it (if you have a 64 bit system, download both x86 and x64). (I emphasize that even if you have other versions of that, be sure to install the 2010 version as well.)
    Install it.
  3. Build your MC60 program again.
  4. Load .cfg file in Qflash
  5. Congratulations, files loaded into Qflash perfectly.
  6. Program your MC60 and enjoy it.

Good luck