EPO Upload MC60

Good morning, I’m working on a mc60 module on the upload part of an EPO file with 6 days of information, due to limitations of my product I only have communication with my server and I can not use quectel services for automatic download of EPO, I am with some doubts regarding the behavior of the module when starting the upload of packages, when I send the first packet the module continues to send satellite position messages and I’m not able to read the response of the module, when starting sending packets epo the module should stop sending information from the satellite? Here is how i’m mounting the header of the packet.
I’m changing the communication to binary by following the steps in the Quectel_GNSS_Flash_EPO_Application_Note_V1.0 file, but I’m not getting the upload part.

buf[0] = 0x04;
buf[1] = 0x24;
buf[2] = MTK_PACKET_LEN;
buf[3] = 0x02;
buf[4] = 0xD3;
buf[5] = packet_num << 8;
buf[6] = packet_num;
buf[MTK_PACKET_LEN - 1] = 0x0A;
buf[MTK_PACKET_LEN - 2] = 0x0D;

Thanks for the help.

Hi,for MC60 module, EPO data from MTK proprietary download on the server, not our quectel server, but download url and the way are set by quecetl, generally speaking, the function of EPO is off by default, when you use the AT command can make it, and activate it, the module will download EPO data from the server, The download mode and file storage path are already set. If you upload data to the module yourself, the data module will not be usable.