EP06ALAR02A07M4G - LTE band lock and carrier aggregate


Your support is very welcome. I’m with difficulties regarding EP06ALAR02A07M4G. I’m developing a simple application to enable user to lock the radio module in specific LTE band or band aggregation.

I’m using AT commands but the output is not OK. When typing AT+QCFG=”band” the module does not return anything. But when I type AT+QCFG=? I can search for this output:

+QCFG: “band”,(0-200),(0-7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF),(0-7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF),(0,1)

I would appreciate so much your support in:
1 - how can I get the output for the command AT+QCFG=”band”?
2 - what would be the AT command to lock the EP06 module to a specific band? I’m using these but the module is not locking to:
lock to LTE B5

lock to aggregate band LTE B2+B4+B12

After I ran this commands, I check the current band with:
but the result is not the one I expect. It shows the modem on other bands than the one I selected.

Thank you so much


Hello Fred,

  1. How to check current band configuration: AT+QCFG=“band”
  2. How to lock band: please note that the 3rd params is for WCDMA band. So the right commnad to lock band 2,4,12 is AT+QCFG=“band”,0,80a,0,1
  3. AT+QNWINFO only shows the primary band, you can use AT+QCAINFO to check the CA bands if network support CA.
  4. EP06-A supports 2XCA,

Best Regards,