EP06 windows driver for Windows 10 version 1903

I use EP06 for two purposes:

  • as 4G module with TeleWell TW-EAV510AC-B router
  • as self standing 4G module in laptop with Windows 10 version 1903
    EP06 module works OK with TeleWell router.

When using EP06 in laptop with:

  • Windows 10 version 1803 and Quectels Windows driver “setup.exe date 26.10.2018”
    module worked OK.
    When updated Wondows 10 to version 1903 EP06 module does not work properly.
    Currently Windows 10 version 1903 has latest NET Framework update KB4514359.
    I have tryed to use drivers from packages:
  • Quectel_LTE_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.1.7 “setup.exe dated 12.06.2019”
  • Quectel_LTE&5G_Windows_USB_Driver_V2.1 “setup.exe dated 08.09.2019”
    Both drivers have same problems:
  • 4G LTE connection gets up, works a while, stops working, starts again and so on.
    Device Manager shows following:
    (sorryy I have finnish version of Windows - so some translations may be strange)
  • POrt(Com and LPT)
    • Quectel USB AT Port (COM3) – General – device is working OK
    • Quectel USB DM Port (COM5) – General – device is working OK
    • Quectel USB NMEA Port (COM7) – General – device is working OK
      But on everyonce events there is “Informations”
      ----> “Device USB\VID_2C7C&PID … requires further installation”
  • USB-drivers - High Speed Composite Device (0004)
    ----> “Device USB\VID_2C7C&PID … requires further installation”

Communication Manager shows status:
Mobile Device — MOI (LTE)
not in use (or removed from use)
However at this point module is working OK.
When Status is:
Mobile Device — MOI
not in use (or removed from use)
At this status module has no connection – until Windows starts it again.

What is the reason for this. Windows 10 version 1903 obviously requires from
driver setup something which Your driver versions do not set correctly?

The module I use is:
Card Name EP06
Card Firmware EP06ELAR01A06M4G

With regards
Conserle Oy
Erkki Lehtinen
e-mail: erkki .lehtinen@conserle.inet.fi

We need some more information about this issue.when you reproduce the problem,send us a screenshot of hte “Devices Manager”,a screenshot of “everyonce events”,and so on.

Hi Isac!
The driver I am using currently is from package

I have the documentation You requested in e-mail - format or PDF format.
Could You sen to me e-mail address to which I can deliver the documentation.
Converting it to one of formats You accept as uploadable is difficult.
Why You do not accept PDF?

OK I have sent the document as responce to Your e-mail request.


Conserle Oy
Erkki Lehtinen
Harjutie 1 L
03100 Nummela
phone: +358-40-5346584
e-mail: erkki.lehtinen@conserle.inet.fi

you can send your document to the following email address:

Step 1: Install Visual Studio 2019. Windows Driver Kit requires Visual Studio. When installing Visual Studio 2019, choose desktop development with a C++ workload.
Step 2: Install the updated Windows SDK for Windows 10.
Step 3: Install Refreshed WDK for Windows 10.