EP06 Stops communicating with PC

Hello. There is a problem with the ep06 module. When connected to a PC, it works and the qnavigator program sees it, but as soon as I insert a SIM card into it, it disconnects from the PC and is not detected by the program. The module itself works. I installed the driver from the official site. What could be the problem? The module is connected through this thing https://aliexpress.ru/item/1005002435957442.html?sku_id=12000020653381152

Hello, after inserting the SIM card, the port of the module will drop out, which is probably caused by the unstable power supply of the module. After inserting the SIM card, the module will initiate a network injection request. During the network injection process, the flow consumption will increase sharply, and the voltage drop will lead to the module restart and the module port will disappear. It is suggested to use oscilloscope to monitor whether there is voltage drop in module VBAT or use program controlled voltage to supply power to module separately. I hope it will be helpful to you, thank you.