EP06-E SINR value


Could you please explain how the SINR value returned by the AT command AT+QENG=“servingcell” should be interpreted? Is it actually in dB or should it be further translated to dB using some formula? It is not quite clear from “AT Commands Manual”.

P.S. EP06-E module


I basically have the same question as Serge_K, Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand your answer.

Are the bold numbers raw data that serves for SINR calculation or is it the actual SINR in dB ?

+QCAINFO: “pcc”,1600,100,“LTE BAND 3”,1,473,-103,-13,-70,11
+QCAINFO: “scc”,6200,50,“LTE BAND 20”,2,222,-91,-14,-59,4

+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“LTE”,“FDD”,xxx,03,xxxxxx,473,1600,3,5,5,55F0,-103,-14,-68,12,-

The EP06 AT manual states

<sinr> Number format. Logarithmic value of SINR, Values are in 1/5th of a dB. Range: 0-250 which translates to -20dB - +30dB.

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It is the true scope of the 3gpp

SINR may also fluctuate greatly as the strength of the signal received by the terminal (RSRP) varies

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So a value of 12 like in my AT+QENG=“servingcell” query means what in dB?
Is it -17.0 dB ?

If so, such a bad value should result in a completely broken connection. My connection is working quite OK, though.

The fact that you are mentioning a range from -20 to 30 dB is confusing as some resources state that a SINR ≤0 will result in a disconnection.
Others mention different ranges. Is the range proprietary to a given modem manufacturer?


query currently camp station_cell’s signal

Thanks, I know that part of the manual. I just wanted to check whether there is a mistake :wink:

+QENG: “servingcell”,“NOCONN”,“LTE”,“FDD”,xxx,03,xxxxxx,473,1600,3,5,5,55F0,-103,-14,-68,12 ,-

So I calculate (0.2 * 12 * 10) - 20 = 4

So with a value of 12, the actual SINR is +4 dB. Correct?

Yes, the calculations are correct

OK thank you.

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you are welcome,you are great :smile:

Explain this:
For 0:
(0.2 * 0 * 10) - 20 = -20
For 250
(0.2 * 250 * 10) - 20 = 480

So it is over range (-20 dB +30 dB). Should by 1/5x10 - 20 OR 1/5*x-20?

According to the 3GPP specs posted earlier by herbert.pan-Q, the actual range goes from 0 to 127 in terms of measurement values. 128-254 doesn’t seem to be used and 255 means unknown/undetectable.

Although, in the 3GPP paper this range goes from ss_sinr < -23 dB to 40 dB ≤ sss_sinr
while the EP06 AT manual states a range from -20 to 30 dB.

According to 3GPP -20 dB would be 7 and +30 dB would be 107.
According to Quectel AT manual -20 dB would be 0 and +30 dB would be 250.

Statements are inconsistent. Which of these is correct?

@Keane-Q @herbert.pan-Q

Can anyone from quectel support answer the questions?