EP06-E on RB2011 gives "lte1 mbim: error: wdm send failed: 19"


I have a problem using my EP06-E with a Mikrotik RB2011UiAS via USB.
When I have a SIM inserted, the interface in routerOS disappears and I get the following error in quick succession from routerOS.

lte1 mbim: error: wdm send failed: 19

The Firmware is EP06ELAR04A06M4G
RouterOS version is 7.8

On windows, the modem works without any problem.
I would be grateful, if someone could provide a hint at how to proceed.

Hello, I suggest you check whether the power supply current of the module reaches above 2A. I am not sure whether you power the module through USB, because when you insert the SIM card, the module will immediately initiate network injection, and the consumption of the module will increase sharply during network injection. If the current is insufficient, the voltage will drop and the module will shut down, and USB cannot be enumerated successfully.