EP06-E LTE not found

Dear Support Team ,

I’m sorry because I’m new for EP06-E, I checked from my modem don’t get an LTE signal only WCDMA. how to check config for EP06-E to work for LTE ? my location support freq 1800 and 2100 with provider name Telkomsel.

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Hi godgali:

According to your screenshot, your area has at least 2 operator’s LTE coverage.
You also try to register on the LTE network using the following command:

AT+QCFG=“nwscanmode”,3,1 //The terminal will immediately re-scan the LTE frequency band

And then execute the command:

at+creg? //If the return result is < 0,1>, the network registration is successful

then execute the command:

+COPS: 0,0,“???”,7 // <???> Refers to the operator you are registered with
If the return result is 7, the terminal is registered on the LTE network.

I suggest you try the above operation. If the problem still cannot be solved, we will keep communicating with you. Thank you.