EP06-E +CME ERROR: SIM not inserted

[2022-02-23 15:03:49:234_R:] ATI
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:234_R:] Quectel
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:234_R:] EP06
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:234_R:] Revision: EP06ELAR03A08M4G

[2022-02-23 15:03:49:234_R:] OK
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:234_S:] AT+QURCCFG=“URCPORT”,“usbat”
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:296_R:] AT+QURCCFG=“URCPORT”,“usbat”
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:296_R:] OK

/* Use AT+CPIN? to query the SIM card status : SIM card inserted or not, locked or unlocked */
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:820_S:] AT+CPIN?
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:882_R:] AT+CPIN?
[2022-02-23 15:03:49:882_R:] +CME ERROR: SIM not inserted

[2022-02-23 15:07:31:880_R:] AT+CSQ
[2022-02-23 15:07:31:880_R:] +CSQ: 13,99

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.

  1. Check whether the SIM card is inserted incorrectly or in bad contact.
  2. Check whether the SIM card circuit is normal according to the module hardware manual,thanks.

Все проверено не раз, менялись симки и переходники. С другим EP06-E все работает. Проблема только с этим модулем.

You can use oscilloscope to measure whether there are 1.8V and 3V pins of module SIM_VDD in the process of powering on and starting up the module to identify the voltage jump of SIM card, as shown in the figure. If there are, it means that the module is ok. You need to check the peripheral circuit of SIM card, thank you.