EP06-A no blinking ¿correctly? pin 42 minipcie

I have a module EP06-A minipcie firmware EP06ALAR02A08M4G and when I use it the module pin status never blinks according to the hardwarre design guide EP06_Hardware_Design_V1.2.pdf. The led of circuit always is ON (active low) and it has a very ultra short blink each 2 seconds in all mode (networks searching, idle and data transfer)

EP06-a_pin_42 <---- (-) led (+) <---- resistor <— VCC

I sent the AT+QPRTPARA=3 but the module still has pin status ¿problem?

the minipcie board is R2123

… I think always the status pin is mode network searching… Why, I have internet access

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
May I ask whether the network Status in your screenshot is in the EP06-A Minipcie module hardware manual? You are advised to refer to the EP06-A Minipcie hardware manual,thanks.

This is my current firmware EP06ALAR02A08M4G_01.003.01.003

the document is EP06_Hardware_Design_V1.2.pdf

The physical connections and signal levels of EP06 comply with PCI Express Mini CEM specifications

I know there is a document Quectel_EP06_Series_Hardware_Design_V1.4.pdf where the pin42 is not connected, but my hardware has the pin42 routed in the PCB (I guess) because the led connected to this pin is blinking each 2 seconds (1800ms active low / 200 ms active high)

Please refer to the latest quectel_EP06_series_hardware_design_V1.4 hardware manual documentation, and EP06ALAR02A08M4G does not support AT+QCFG=“ledmode”,0, Please refer to THE AT instruction manual of EP06 for the use of AT+QCFG instruction, thank you.

please tell me what is the firmware that has the functionality available. I want see the LED blinking when I am connected to internet, Okay ?

send the link of the specific firmware

The EP06ALAR02A08M4G you are using now is our latest version, ep06-A does not support AT+QCFG=“ledmode” firmware version, sorry.

I dont want the latest version.
Send me the firmware where the led cam blinks okay?

Sorry, there is no such software version, it has nothing to do with the firmware package, the premise of the LED light flashing is that the hardware has led light interface.

the signal from the pin42 of miniPCIE layout is software controlled , it is not magic