Enable BIP in BG96

Hello, I have two BG96 modules having FW: BG96MAR02A04M1G and BG96MAR02A06M1G. I’m unable to enable BIP (Bearer Independent Protocol) using either modules.


Is BIP supported in BG96? is there a newer FW I should use?

for BG96 the M2M eUICC is specified by GSMA in SGP.02 (current version: 3.2).

you need to modify the following NV firstly, and restart the module.

AT+QNVFW="/nv/item_files/modem/uim/gstk/proactive_feature_enable_cfg",7FFFFF7F //Need to change to 7FFFFF7F
AT+QNVW=6253,0,“01” //Need to change to 01

QNVFR is used to read.
QNVFW is used to write

Hello Stephen,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Your suggestion worked for one of my 2 modules (the one with BG96MAR02A06M1G firmware). I could see “Open Channel”, “Send Data”, “Receive Data” and “Close Channel” after restarting the module 3 times. Thank you!

For the other module (BG96MAR02A04M1G firmware), “Open Channel” still failed (Reason: ME is currently unable to process command). Is it possible for me to update the firmware to a newer version? Could you point me to the location to download?