Enable Band 28 on EP06-E

Hi Quectel,

We have a Quectel EP06-E miniPCIe module with firmware EP06ELAR03A06M4G. Even though this module has support for B28 according to the specifications, the AT+COPS=? command is unable to find any networks using this band.

Enabling band 28 using AT+QCFG=“band”,0,0x8000000,0,1 seems to fail as well. AT+QCFG=“band” returns +QCFG: “band”,0x8d0,0x40000000,0x0. Is this a firmware or a configuration issue?

Assistence is welcome.


Please remove “0x” and try again.

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Hi WillieYao,

AT+QCFG=“band”,0,8000000,0,1 effectively works to change enabled LTE bands, thanks. However, no signal is picked up. If I replace the EP06-E card with EC25-AU, things work fine and I am able to use the network.

Hi FezzFest,

Were they configured the same APN?

Hi WillieYao,

The same APN is configured on both cards. AT+CGDCONT? shows this APN. The APN is irrelevant however, since the network I want to connect to doesn’t even show up in AT+COPS=? on the EP06-E.

Hi Willie, I’ve got the EC25-AU mPCIe modem and I can see from the AT commands for this modem that I can lock down multiple bands based on adding their hex values together. How would I do it so I could include Band 28?

The LTE bands I want to lock down access to are LTE 5 (hex=0x10), LTE 8 (hex=0x80), LTE 3 (hex=0x4), LTE 7 (hex=0x40) which will give me 0x134 but then how do I add LTE band 28?


Hi Malota,

band 28 0x8000000, so expected setting for you is 0x8000134.

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Hi FezzFest,

Please also help to check module status by AT+CFUN? . If CFUN returns normal value “1”, you would need to capture a qlog for further analysis.

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Hi WillieYao,

Problem turned out to be a bad u.fl connector in the end. Problem solved, thanks for the assistance.

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Hi Willie,

Your support is very welcome. I’m with difficulties regarding EP06ALAR02A07M4G. I’m developing a simple application to enable user to lock the radio module in specific LTE band or band aggregation.

I’m using AT commands but the output is not OK. When typing AT+QCFG=”band” the module does not return anything. But when I type AT+QCFG=? I can search for this output:

+QCFG: “band”,(0-200),(0-7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF),(0-7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF),(0,1)

I would appreciate so much your support in:
1 - how can I get the output for the command AT+QCFG=”band”?
2 - what would be the AT command to lock the EP06 module to a specific band? I’m using these but the module is not locking to:
lock to LTE B5

lock to aggregate band LTE B2+B4+B12

After I ran this commands, I check the current band with:
but the result is not the one I expect. It shows the modem on other bands than the one I selected.

Thank you so much