EM20G reboots on its own, over and over and over


I have an EM20G module that will not stop rebooting. It starts up, and starts accepting AT commands on the AT port, but within 30 seconds or less the module drops power completely and reboots.

I have previously been able to get Qflash to reflash the firmware on other EM20s that started this. This one will not stop rebooting. Every 15-30 seconds.

Is there something just set up wrong that needs to be caught before it reboots? Or is it damaged?

Hi didneywhorl,
Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Please check whether the power supply is insufficient or unstable. Generally, the repeated restart of the module is caused by insufficient or unstable power supply. If the power supply is ok, please feedback to me in time, and we will continue to analyze in depth, thank you.

The power supply is a 12V 4A 48W power supply. I have tried with power supplies from 1.5A to 4A. There is plenty for the modem.

Thank you for your help and time,

The same happens to my I’m using it in WG1608, and I don’t have any idea why