Em20-g not band locking

Hello when trying to band lock on the modem it accepts the command but does not lock to the bands I specify.
I’ve tried factory reset and still no change

Anyone have a AT Commands for that module and his successor EM160 ?
(ATI -> EM160 Revision: EM160RGLAUR02A02M4G)
Mikrotik detect as: EM160_R | EM160RGLAUR02A02M4G_01.001.06

@SiB which Mikrotik model can accept (and support) EM20 and EM160?

that who have mPCIe slot with sim and adapter and pigtails are need. I like SXTR / LHGR / LDFR who have decent internal antenna.
Check at https://mikrotik.com/products/group/lte-products

Interesting! Does the router recognize the external modem module as lte, much like Chateau does?
Is EM20 supported fully?

For EM20, which needs 4 antennas, these mikrotik aren’t the best fit.
Also - with a 100mbit ethernet, they aren’t a good fit for theìir own cat6 modem too.
Why can’t they use a gigabit port on these CPE is beyond me. They way they are built
you can’t use your modem fully as you are capped at about 100mbit by the port.

This is not forum related to MikroTik devices.

Does the router recognize the external modem module as lte, much like Chateau does?

For EM20, which needs 4 antennas, these mikrotik aren’t the best fit.

for EM20 who is like mistery device who is not sell official way… I not use it at production, maybe new line successors like RM1x0 will be official one.

About antennas 4x4 - yes, sxtr/lhgr/ldfr are just small for small job devices with mimo2x2 and they are not develop to reach better speed then 200Mbps where cpu have limit at 300Mb even replace Eth port to 1Gb not change anythink. LtAP, M33G are better but antennas must be external.
People go to B818 and Pro2 etc devices or buy Quectels from Ali for low price, this is market and have own rules.
Best Regars
Marcin (SiB) Przysowa

well since you were asking for the AT command set I thought you were interested in this “mistery device” :slight_smile: yes, this will never reach the market, Quectel seem to have officially said that. This doesn’t mean it is not an interesting device. Not many cat 20 modems around.

I am testing an RM500Q (5G + LTE cat 16) which has few bugs and this one too needs 4 antennas for mimo 4x4 (not mentioning 5g antennas) so it would be nice to install it in a mikrotik device (I love mikrotik) but need a gigabit interface and 5gbit usb3 on modem side. Chinese routers can do that I really wish mikrotik will too some day.

EM16 & Em20 as you say, not are at market and they “hang” documentation :). I use new line what will be at market probably EM1x0R-GL and have big hopes, Band selection works, Cell Lock works and neightbourd works not only for connected earfcn - means I have big hope that will replace EM12.
You should consider testing EM18 or new EM1[2,6]0R-GL bcs they are real product soon.
RM500* base at SoC and people buy cheaper “5g-cpe-pro2” with the same SoC and for now prise is killing this SoC.

About MikroTik, As you can see I too track all stuff with MikroTik & LTE and ppl say I am mr.LTE at forum :).
BTW, After ROS7 will be stable then next MUM should show us new hardware line.
PS. I not use OpenWRT in my projects, but ~250Mtk in EMEA :slight_smile:

what do you mean exactly?

Differ lte modules works and report Inter/Intra neighbourd’s in differ ways.

  • Some reports only inter/intra from current connected bands from current tower.

example, you activate 4 bands like 3,1,7,20 but module cat.6 connect only to B3+7 and reports inter/intra from only 3 and 7 of connected bands to eNB.
You see other sectors antennas of your current Tower but you not see other bands who are not connected now and you not see other Towers

  • Some others reports only inter/intra from all active bands current eNB
  • Some others reports all from other towers too

EM12-G works great and show other towers too, perfect with RouterOS cell-monitor feature !

EM12-G in Ros7x
/interface lte at-chat lte1 input=“AT+QENG=“neighbourcell”” <- this is one time cmd
/interface/lte/cell-monitor lte1 max-age=2m duration=2m

    4  B66  66486  -103dBm  -10dB  -82dBm  1s 
    5  B66  67061  -98dBm   -11dB  -65dBm  1s 
  234  B66  66486  -117dBm  -20dB  -83dBm  30s
  246  B66  67061  -115dBm  -20dB  -82dBm  4s 
  332  B66  66486  -117dBm  -20dB  -87dBm  33s
  391  B66  67061  -113dBm  -20dB  -83dBm  17s
  451  B66  66486  -112dBm  -20dB  -82dBm  17s

I hope now you see the difference.
PS. Some modules works differ in CellLock activate but this is normal that they are limited then.

@Elute Try, maybe will work:
Bands in dec, not 0xsum(hex) format, B3,1,7,20,8 are general for EMEA.

I have an EG12 in the chateau and now I understand what you mean.
Do you know if the EM20-G behaves the same as EM-12/EG-12?

I think we should move our discussion to PM or Mikrotik Forum :slight_smile:

In my opinion, EM12 is very good, mature product - this is awesome product who just works.

EG12 have lack of internal tools/procedure for MikroTik DevTeam to analyze some internal problems what not exist with EM12. Example, you can found here problems with CA who works first 5m and Quectel say that problems exist and they assign our tech person and in other topic with the same problem they say it’s a MikroTik problem… and MikroTik say to users they wait for additional Quectel method’s/tools to proper diagnose a problem.
Peole say that EG12 is slower from EM12… but I cannot confirm that bcs EG12 is soldered and it’s not exist a m.2/mPCIe card jet.

P.S. Chateau PCB have a not soldered M.2 slot :slight_smile: means MikroTik go to M.2 bcs. future with 5G must be at M.2 slot.

Marcyn as long as we discuss quectel modems and chips I think this is more suitable, of course I am also a microtik forum user, as I use their product a lot and BTW love the chateau LTE12

If you still need the AT commands let me know I have them

I would appreciate a link for the EM160 AT command set as I have one of them arriving soon. Thanks!

so I have the em160 and my provider suspended my account because they dont support 3g anymore is there a firmware update yet?