EM20-G latest firmware?

Yes, I know this unit will never be produced, but I happen to own one of the engineering samples and would like to knoiw what the latest available firmware for this model is.
I’m currently running EM20GRUR01A08M4G. Is there any newer version released before the development of this model was stopped?

Thanks in advance

I’ve not seen any newer than A08.

thanks for confirming Didney!

@herbert.pan-Q I need the latest update for this module, could you attach the latest firmware please?

What is your current firmware version?

Thanks this is what I got from ATI
Revision: EM20GRAR01A06M4G

@herbert.pan-Q do you have a08 or greater?

latest firmware

Thanks @herbert.pan-Q but this version is my current one

The original poster (in December 2020) had EM20GRUR01A08M4G, the file you sent is R01A06

Can you double check for the latest firmware please?

EM20GRUR01A08M4G? EM20GRAR01A06M4G? which is right?

Sorry I might have made a mistake, please send EM20GRUR01A08M4G or newer, thank you

yours is latest firmware