EM160R-GL PCIe Drivers and Firmware Update

Didn’t know if I should have piggy-backed off another thread or not, so decided to make my own. I emailed the support but was told to make a post in the forum.

Bought a EM160R-GL module for my Lenovo P15 Gen 2, it’s working, but I have 4 unknown devices in device manager that I can’t get to take any drivers. I’m running Windows 10.

On a side note, I tried buying another EM160R-GL from AliExpress and I received an Engineering Sample that was dong some weird things, for example it works within the first 20 minutes of powering up my laptop, but stops working after that and will only come back if I restart. Does anyone know how to update firmware through the PCIe slot?

Thanks for you query in Quectel forums.
The driver of EM160 module on Lenovo computer is integrated into Microsoft system through Lenovo. It is suggested that you contact Lenovo after-sales service to obtain the official version of the driver file update, thank you.