EM160R-GL on Verizion

Hi there, first post here because I am needing some help. I have an EM160R-GL in a Router Board from microtik, and I am trying to get network connectivity going, but im having trouble. So far, I have the module showing in routeros, the module is connected to the Verizon network and has been handed a DHCP lease from Verizon, and I am fairly sure I have routeros set up to allow traffic through from lte1 (the EM160R) to eth1, where i have a dhcp server running. I am seeing some small tx and rx traffic but I cant for the life of me figure out how to get the data flowing! Im even sometimes seeing windows show that the network is connected to the internet, however I cant go to any sites or ping any servers, they all time out. Im also seeing these timeouts in routeros. As a side note, im currently borrowing a SIM from a mobile phone for testing, the phone works fine and receives data.

I can access Verizon’s website, so clearly the device is working, i guess i need to go elsewhere for help.

Any ideas here? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for helping with this!

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