EM160R-GL modem not working

I am in need of some help/advice.

I had an EM160 that was constantly needing reset to work… So I flashed it with 09 firmware. It then stopped being recognized as an EM160.???

It does NOT respond to AT commands, but shows up on the device list and loads all the ports. We tried sending reboot commands and reset commands but NO response.

We did notice in the debug info under Rooter firmware, that the device info does NOT load that it is an EM160, even though the USB PID does show as 0620 which is the EM160… Odd.

We tried a manual ground pin reset, then reflash, and it still ended the same.

Is there any way to recover this modem so it can work again?

You most likely flashed the wrong 09 FW, there are mutli FWs that must match your version. Did you compare the firmware versions? Please post your old FW and the flashed FW version.

I would like to rephrase my reply, there is a chance that you have an FW discrepancy! I will compare the version upon posting! I’ve flashed many EM160 and have never seen this issue! Also may need to verify that the modem is genuine Quectel!

Yes it is a genuine EM160R-GL engineering sample. It had version 03 on it. What version would you recommend I flash with. I have tried several versions 07, 08 and 09 from reliable sites. If you will post a link to the one you suggest I will try that.