EM160R-GL Linux PCIe drivers?


I just got my EM160R-GL module today and I have successfully connected it to my machine, I already had the EP06 USB drivers installed so the device was discovered as a USB device using the USB2.0 interface (it shows up in ‘lsusb command’).

I have 2 questions:

  1. How can I get it to work with the PCIe interface instead? Do I need to download a different driver and where can I find the download for it?
  2. How can I verify if the device is using the PCIe or USB interface?


  1. You need to install the pcie driver and pay attention to the power-on sequence.
  2. Use at+qcfg=“data_interface” to judge the return value.
    It is recommended that you contact your local quectel technical support engineer for further assistance.


Thank you for the reply, I will try to contact the local technical support.

Do you know where can I download the PCIe driver?

Ok, I will send it to you via email, please check it.

@Isaac.Wang-Q Can you send the drivers my way as well?

@Jason_Risch Ok, I will send it to you via email, please check it.