EM160R-GL Correct Antenna Connection

How to properly connect the antenna to the modem EM160R-GL?

  1. In the mode where there is only one antenna? (If it does not damage and/or break the modem)

  2. In the mode when there are two antennas?

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
The definition of the EM160 module antenna interface is as shown in the figure below, please be aware.

Write down humanly what to connect to what, because it seems that you do not know?
What’s the right thing to do?
One antenna: 5-1 and 6-2 is correct?
Two antennas: first antenna 5-1 and 6-2 and connect the second antenna to 7-3 and 8-4?

I’m not sure what you mean by 5 to 8 here, can you elaborate on it?

Did I connect the antennas correctly?

Can anyone explain how to properly connect the antennas, it seems to me tech support itself does not know?

Can anyone explain how to connect the antennas correctly, I don’t think tech support themselves know?


¿Alguien puede explicar cómo conectar correctamente las antenas, me parece que el propio servicio técnico no lo sabe?

Qualcuno può spiegare come collegare correttamente le antenne, mi sembra che il supporto tecnico stesso non lo sappia?

Kann jemand erklären, wie man die Antennen richtig anschließt, es scheint mir, dass der technische Support selbst es nicht weiß?

Quelqu’un peut-il expliquer comment connecter correctement les antennes, il me semble que le support technique lui-même ne le sait pas ?


The antenna connection method like yours is wrong, you need to connect 4 antennas, and the antenna bases 1-4 are connected to one antenna. If you do not have too high requirements on the signal, you can only connect the No. 1 main antenna and No. 4 GNSS. antenna.

Is that correct?

Four antennas need to be separated,thanks.

@Kerr.Yang-Q I guess what he’s asking is - can we use 2 MIMO 2x2 antennas here? Or only 4 separate SISO antennas?

The mimo antenna can be shared, but the main antenna and GNSS antenna need to be connected separately.

I want to connect two ZETA MIMO antennas - https://antex-e.ru/store/36907/39024/?pos=914930

Ну по логике и аналогии с неработающими EM12-G, то:
main: приемо-передающая,
diversity: второй канал по поляризации
т.е. main и diversity это “первая антенна” (их две в одном флаконе)
оставшиеся два это разъема MIMO: это “вторая антенна”, пространственно разнесенная с первой, чем дальше тем лучше, не менее чем на половину длины волны (скорость света делим на частоту).

Отпишитесь как работает следующее поколение багов от quectel.

X-Code, I think you meant that “Antenna #1” and “Antenna #2” are two separate 2xMIMO antennas, each box containing two integrated antennas with 2 connectors for a total of 4.
If you use a single 2xMIMO “Antenna #1” with two connectors, then you need to attach it to the modem’s “Main Antenna” and RX-diversity/GNSS" connectors for medium performance.
For better performance, you can use a second 2xMIMO “Antenna #2” with two connectors, attached to the modem’s “MIMO1” and “MIMO2” connectors.
As Kerr.Yang mentioned, for best performance you need to use 4 separate antennas (not integrated in a single box).

Primary 2×2 MIMO Antenna Pair:
M = Main. This is your first and main antenna connection port.
D/G = Diversity. This is your secondary antenna connection port (alternatively, the gps antenna can be connected to this connector.

Secondary 2×2 MIMO Antenna Pair
M1 = Main. This is the main port for the secondary pair.
M2 = Diversity. This is the Diversity antenna port for the secondary pair.

thank you so much!