EM160R-GL - always getting link local address in ECM mode

I’m trying to set up the em160r-gl on linux in ecm mode. My problem is that the usb0 interface always receives a link local address ( When using the command “at+cgpaddr” I see that the module itself has got a working external IP address. Ping with AT command is working as well. I don’t know what to do, please give me some advice how to get a working internet connection in ecm mode.

ECM mode turns the EM160 into a hostless modem. So it will be behaving like a router in some respects, and will be doing address translation.

Do you have a specific problem?

yes, the problem is that i only receive a link local IP address. As I understand the dhcp client would normally get an IP in When I call “dhclient usb0” i am not receiving an IP lease from the modems’ router. I can not connect to the internet and I don’t know how to change this behavior. I already tried resetting the modem with “at+qprtpara=3” but without success. So what else can I do?

I’m seeing from an RM500Q-AE in ECM mode plugged into a Fedora desktop.

And from an EM06-E in ECM mode plugged into a router running OpenWRT.

I regret that I cannot offer further insight.

yes, thats what I would expect, too. But I see from my EM160R-GL.
So what can I do to change this? I do not get a gateway this way.

I did find this discussion:

I’m not sure if it helps.

unfortunately not. I do not have access to debug port or adb.
Is there another way to get the module working correctly?