EM160R-GL 4x4 MIMO vs 2x2 Any difference in speed?


I have been testing 4x4 MIMO antenna with EM160R -GL using main antenna and D only for a mimo 2x2 antenaa, and I do a speed test multiple times with different frequency locking .

Then I introduce a second 2x2 Antenna to be attached to M1 and M2, thus I create 4x4 MIMO “theoretically” and I repeat the same tests again .

There is no difference in performance signal quality is great -60 to -70

Does 4x4 MIMO of quectel increase channel capacity at all ?


I have done some tests too, with pairs of stylus antennas, lpa, and a qwireless qpanel 4x4 LTE/5G and the results with the latter were the best.From what I understand several factors influence, the distance between the radiating elements, the orientation and pointing especially when the BTS is several kilometers away.The bandwidth obtained with qpanel 4mimo is increased by 1/3 compared to the 4 LPA and double compared to the stylus.

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