EM160R failed/bricked - appreciate recovery advice

Hi, I’ve had a failure on my EM 160R recently. It was largely my fault. My module is EM160RGLAP and I found out later that the ‘AP’ means it uses exclusively the PCIe interface and not the USB.
Of course, I executed the command AT+QCFG=“data_interface”,0,0 which attempts to change to the USB interface. When I rebooted the module it was totally unresponsive (which is not surprising, as I told it to change to an interface that it does not have).

On the back of most (all?) Quectel modules there are several small pads to solder diagnostic / test wires to.
I have been sent an image of the use of these pads:


I’ve been told to solder wires to the debug rxd and debug txd pads, and have successfully soldered fine enamelled copper wire. I have got a ttl to usb convertor and connected that using the 1.8v setting, but the module is still unresponsive. (If I loop the convertor it echoes commands in Putty).

I am told if I connect 1.8v to the ‘force_usb_boot’ that may help? But what do I load, and do I use the rxd and txd connections, or the main pins?

Any advice gratefully received!

Any thoughts, please? Help!