EM160 esim procedure guide

is there a detailed guide to configuring esim on the quectel em160gl modem ?

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If you are using the EM160 on a Lenovo laptop, you need to configure it in the Windows settings. You can consult Lenovo for the specific configuration steps. Here I will provide you with an introduction to esim, I hope it will be helpful to you, thank you.Quectel_LTE-A&5G_eSIM_Introducation.pdf (1.9 MB)

the em160 modem is mounted on a mikrotik routerboard, can i download the esim profile from my provider and upload it to the em160 simply by using the AT+QESIM “addprofile” command ?

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The configuration on the module side is like this.

just to understand, inside the em160 there is a chip where the esim certificates are stored, so you do not need a compatible device, also how many esim can be stored; operators provide a qrcode, how is it transformed into a file? thanks kerr.

It is recommended that you find a card provider or operator to provide you with a software tool similar to LinksField_ESIM. LinksField_ESIM can be used to parse the QR code image provided by the operator, as shown in the picture:


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ok for the explanation, unfortunately I searched for software similar to the one recommended and also the one recommended; but I didn’t find anything that extracted the profile from the qrcode.Here in italy, telephone operators only distribute software for smartphones and qrcodes.

Hello, I suggest you consult the SIM card operator first, because this tool is generally provided by the SIM card operator to customers, thank you.

Hey, did you have any success with this project? I’m trying to achieve the same thing.

Thank you!


This is my module, is it normal for it not to go into USB mode?

The SIM card operator tells us that they only provide the QR. But, about a parser, they ask me that they don’t know what the fuck I am talking about. The operator is Vodafone. Any tip?

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@Kerr.Yang-Q , 8 months later from my answer here, and 2 years later after your answer in this post, me, and many,still in the dark with this issue. Please, could you reply the answer I have given 8 months ago?