Em12g Reset ECM internal data call

I just check it on IPQ4019 board too. It works okay in ECM mode. IPQ4019 can ping through to

Thank you for checking. As mentioned in the beginning of this post, ECM will work, until it won’t. I have found that purposely setting a bad APN will cause the module to get denied registration, and then ECM will never work again. I have done this on 10 modules now.

I have sent in a request to Quectel and got no respose. I have EM12GPAR01A20M4G firmware.

It should to catch the qxdm log for this question. If you don’t have qxdm tools. We provide another tool to catch log, qwinlog.

I am working off a linux router, do you have a command line tool that can debug?

Further Testing reveals probable bug with EM12G.

To reproduce, attempt to connect EM12G in ECM mode with Visible (Verizon 3rd Party provider). Modem will register, no internet, no pings. ECM mode is corrupt until modem can be re-flashed. ECM mode will no longer work for any provider.

Rm502Q-AE does not have this problem. It can connect to Visible just fine and ping.

Sure, we provide the tool for catching log on linux too. Please provide your mailbox. I will send you the tool.