EM120R-Gl firmware and flashing tool

Can you point me to the latest firmware and flashing tool for the EM120R-GI module?

What is your current firmware version?

That is a good question. I am not sure what I currently have or even how to determine the version at this point. I am trying to educate myself on how to interact with the modem and what tools I need to properly perform task like updating firmware if the current version is behind.

Can you point me to some documentation on the subject?

Can you now connect the USB to communicate with the module by the serial port tool?

I am trying to connect the module to the antenna wires but they will not stay in place. I am really starting to wonder if these are MHF4 connections at all.

If you suspect MHF4 involvement, you can also solder the antenna to the RF pin of the module

I have ordered new MHF4 to SMA cables.

Can I plug this USB adapter in to check the firmware without having these cables/antennas connected or will that damage the module?

No, you can directly insert the USB, connect through the serial port tool, execute the command, determine whether the module can interact normally

That “serial port tool”, is that putty or something else?

With the new MHF4 cables in hand, I have connected everything together and plugged the USB adapter to my laptop. The adapter power LED lights up but the laptop does not indicate anything has been plugged into it. At this point, I have tried multiple USB ports on multiple laptops and even my Raspberry Pi. In ever case, there is no indication the USB adapter or any device is being plugged in.

I assume this means I need a new USB adapter and this one is defective. Is there one that is generally recommended?

If any USB doesn’t work, you may lack a driver

Where would I get the driver for this modem?

It has been sent to you by email. Please try

That link you emailed just takes me to a page can not be found error in the browser.

This link does not open in multiple browsers on my laptop and even on my phone.

Separately, I am starting to wonder if this module is in PCIe mode instead of USB. Is there a way I can confirm what mode is in or convert it to USB mode to be sure?

Please refer to the corresponding hardware manual

Is there a specific manual you have in mind? The ones that I see indicate this module can support USB or PCI-e modes. The PCI-e mode is controlled via an eFuse and is not reversible. But, nothing I have found indicates how to determine what mode the module is in.

Is there a way I can confirm what mode it is in or convert it to USB mode to be sure?

Hello Herbert I am in need of assistance if you would be so kind. I have an account on the forum and also have an elevated user account Quectel download zone etc. I’m looking latest firmware for an em120r-gl, thus I was in a hurry while carelessly flashing via the latest QFlash and loaded the Em20R FW without notice. I fear it may be bricked although I would like to try and save my clients module if possible. I’m fairly certain it was running the EM120RGLAUR02A07M4G and began randomly dropping connection hence the reason for the flash attempt. If you could help me out I would appreciate it very much! Thanks for your time!