EM120R-GL (4XC1D51447) driver for Windows 10

I own a Lenovo P14s Gen 2 (21A0). I purchased an EM120R-GL (4XC1D51447) a few days ago and unfortunately it seems I have a driver issue with it.
My Windows operating system crashes right after booting. With a blue screen. When I disable the Quectel PCI Express device (in Device Manager), everything works fine. Occasionally (something like 1% chance) it works without problems, connects to the LTE network and works fine. But most of the time it crashes. My driver number is - it installs automatically. And I also downloaded version - from Lenovo website, but that didn’t help.

Can you help me?

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
The drivers of the EM120R-GL module used on Lenovo notebooks must be submitted to Microsoft through Lenovo’s own research and development and testing. Update the EM120R-GL driver through Windows update instead of directly installing the driver locally on the notebook, so we are sorry not. Directly provide drivers to end customers, it is recommended that you consult Lenovo to help you after sales,thanks.