EM12 packet loss seen with quectel-CM application

I am facing packet loss scenario with quectel-CM application when bulk transmission is done from the remote end.
Whereas if I stop using that application & instead use AT commands (AT$QCRMCALL) to setup data call, this issue is not observed.

As per my understanding quectel-CM does all control operations (APN profile etc.) over the QMI channel & then keeps polling that
interface (via GobiNetThread thread) for further events.

Can this event polling cause that above issue? Will appreciate any pointer in that context.

EM12 firmware version is 16 & my linux kernel is 4.14. I am using quectel provided Gobinet driver.


Dear Sanjib,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
Normally, it should have no such issue, and no customer feedback us that have such issue. In order to analyze the reason, it is better to check the module’s debug log. You can send email to support@quectel.com to get the tool to catch debug log and our local FAE will help you analyze the log to confirm the reason. Thanks!

Thanks Kyson.
I have raised a ticket

ok, got it. Our Local FAE will deal with it as soon as possible. Thanks!