EM12 MSFT problem with QMI mode and can't update firmware on any new version


I Have EM12 module with firmware version EM12GPAR01A09M4G_MSFT

Modem EM12 doesn’t work with Keenetic router (QMI mode), and I can not update on any other firmware

always wave error FAIL_,DL_Firehose,Time out!

Please help!

Hello! Have same module with same problem :frowning:
Think new firmware will solve this problem, but cant find it too
And is it possible to use VoLTE on this module? Our network providers (PLMN 25001/25002) use VoLTE.

Up, same problem here. There is no fw for this modem version

Same problem here

Please toubleshoot this upgrade issue following the steps below:

  1. Tools and firmware paths cannot contain special characters such as spaces, half-angle brackets, etc., and it is best to put them on the local disk D, E, F, etc.
  2. During the upgrade process, other serial port tools or services that access the serial port cannot be turned on, which will affect the upgrade
  3. It is best to uninstall anti-virus software.
  4. Operate on another computer, preferably a newly installed operating system.

Is firmware from EM12-G without MSFT can be using to update the EM12-G MSFT module?

@Isaac.Wang-Q Please help! for our module need specific firmware version or standard firmware?
I can try with this firmwares.

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I have em12-sgad. Would you like to exchange it with me?

The firmware from EM12-G without MSFT is incompatible to MSFT or MSFT3 models. The MSFT3 module reboots with the firmware from EM12-G without MSFT.