EM12-G mobile broadband connection not working

I am using an EM12-G module. I would like to connect to the internet using the module (which has a sim card inserted). the type of connection is MBN (mobile broadband network).
To connect, i’m using the netsh connect command. In details,

  1. netsh nbm show interfaces
  2. from this i take the name of the interface (Cellular)
  3. netsh nbm show profile
  4. from this, i take the profile code
  5. netsh nbm connect interface=Cellular connmode=name name=… (where the … is the profile code).
    The device results to be connected, both in windows network settings and in the result of the command netsh nbm show interfaces. However, it does not make traffic.

The device state is connected, but, if i try doing a ping in the command prompt or to open an internet page it does not work.
Does anyone know how to solve this?

Thank you,

You are advised to restore the configuration or replace the SIM card for test verification. Currently, the fault is caused by the failure of the SIM card to access the network. You are advised to replace the SIM card for test verification,thank you.