EM12-G FOTA FIrmware over the air upgrade

I am unable to update the firmware via USB2.0 because an EM12-G module I have in my hands seems to be faulty and does not work in USB2.0 mode and Qflash is unable to function under these circumstances.
Is there a way to update the firmware “over the air” for the EM12-G module, such as AT + QFOTADL command for another module?
AT + QFOTADL=? gives OK response, this command looks supported in some way.
thanks in advance…

Hi burstina,
Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
To provide the fota package, the customer needs to send an email to apply, PM approved and then ST to make, it needs to go through the process, it is more cumbersome, it is recommended to repair the USB interface and then upgrade through qflash, can you elaborate on the current module USB interface situation.

thank you for reply,
unlucky I’m not able to repair, because it is the module internal USB2 interface to be damaged, not the adaptor.
The module itself is only able to work via USB3. It was nice to find that damaged to USB2 interface did not compromise USB3 functionaliy.

Hello, I’m ready to do it. How do I apply?

Hi i.5hest,
What is your current module version? What version do you need to upgrade to? Please provide your company name and the quantity you have purchased. I will ask the project manager to communicate whether there is a fota package.

Does the FOTA update work? How is it done?