EM12-G Driver and Firmware requested


I recently purchased an EM12-G from ltefix.com to use for a home/business internet connection. After a power outage my modem would no longer connect to the LTE network. The modem is recognized by the router but they weren’t interfacing properly. This was similar to a problem I had when I first got the modem, which was solved by changing from QMI mode to MBIM mode. So I tried switching back to QMI, and then back to MBIM, which didn’t work. So then I had the idea to switch the protocol to ECM, which turned out to be a bad idea because I can no longer issue AT Commands to the modem.

So I decided to plug the USB modem enclosure that houses my EM12-G into my Windows 10 PC and issue the command to change back to QMI or MBIM. I went searching for the drivers and can’t find them anywhere on your site. I would also like Linux drivers as well, as I often use various Linux platforms. The firmware would also be appreciated in case I have to reflash modem, either now or in the future.

I can detail my personal information if required via PM or Email, but I would prefer not to post it on a forum.


Thanks for you query in Quectel forums.
Yes, If you want some special support or request , and If you use it personally, you can mail to support@quectel.com , and provide some needed information, for example, location、 present FW version、 request etc, our right people will support you directly until you problem solved, thank you very much.

Can you help me with the latest stable firmware for quectel EM12-G module and windows drivers for quectel EM12-G m.2 card. Would you be so kind and provided me with link where I can download such drivers and firmware. Thank you and hope for fast reply.
I wrote to support@quectel.com, but got reply that I need to write my request on this forum.
Can anybody of support engineers help me?

Thanks for you query in Quectel forums.
I share with you the link of em12-G upgrade tool QFlash and the latest version of EM12-G software version, hoping to help you, thank you
Qflash links: Sign in to your account ?e=kBH80G
Links to latest software versions:Sign in to your account

Thank you for this link, for your help and for fast reply to my request. :+1:

Hello sir,
Both links don’t work.
Can you please post new links for the Flash tool and the latest EM12-G firmware? Highly appreciated.