EM12-G: B17 and B25 not enabled by default

The command
sets the EM12-G module to factory defaults, which leads to the band configuration string:
In this HEX-value, B17 and B25 are not set (0x2000001E0 BB1F 39DF for all supported bands) and I wonder why are not all supported bands enabled by default.

Is this because of FCC regulations that some bands are not allowed by default and have to be enabled on the respective region afterwards?

Hi MrFish
Thanks for your feedback in Quectel forums.
You mean the result of AT+QCFG=“band”,FFFE,0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFE,0 is “band”,0x5af0,0x2000001E0BA1F39DF,0x0 ?

I verified in same way, I got bellow result “band”,0x5af0,0x2000001E0BB1E39DF,0x0 , it seems not same with you. Band17 is a special band, so not support by AT+QCFG=“band”,FFFE,0x7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFE,0

Could you help double check it, and share the FW version to me if you want, thanks
In addition, you can support all band by AT+QCFG=“band”,5af0,2000001E0BB1F39DF,0 , thanks

Hi Jeffry, thank you for the clarification with B17.

The reported string was from a previous FW-revision 19 which was apparently set before AT&T certification in the USA. With FW-revision 20, I receive the same string.

Hi MrFish
So you still get 0x2000001E0BA1F39DF, not support Band25 yet?

No sorry, I receive now the correct string: “band”,0x5af0,0x2000001E0BB1E39DF,0x0 which should include B25