EM12-G Antenna Requirements

Hello, I am planning to use an EM12-G module with a Mikrotik and would like to know what the absolute max ratings for the antenna are with respect to VSWR? I do not have a perfect mobile antenna, as most are not, and the performance is only VSWR <3 for the low band (<750MHz) for example. Will this higher VSWR damage the module in normal use? I am also curious what the minimum isolation in dB between Main and Div antennas is for MIMO. Again, at low bands the antenna can only manage >10 dB isolation.

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
Hello, the standing wave ratio of the antenna is less than or equal to 3. If the standing wave ratio is too large, the module will not be damaged, but the signal quality will be affected. The main antenna and diversity antenna are generally 15-20dB, thank you.