EM12 create PDP context with credentials

How can I create a PDP context with PAP/CHAP credentials for the EM12 module?
There is nothing documented in the AT-commands manual.

I found in the AT command manual for the ECxx series that the command AT+QICSGP=1,1,"apn","username","password",1 could be used instead of AT+CGDCONT=1,"IPV4","apn".
This command actually gets accepted on EM12 as well, it also creates a PDP context but it does not work. The base station does not accept the request. I think this is just a deprecated command which is still available, because the command to activate the context AT+QIACT=1 does not work.

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.

  1. Are you using a public card or a private card? If it is a dedicated network card, you must set the APN information. If you set the wrong APN information, the module cannot register the network successfully. Therefore, please make sure that your APN information is correct first.
  2. If you send AT+QIACT to activate the network time is slow, it may also be because the network signal of your current test environment is not good, you can move to the test environment with a better signal.

Thanks for you reply.

So the mentioned commands are actually applicable for the EM12 module, even when they are undocumented?
The module is connected to a private base station and required information is provided.

But, I could make it work using libqmi by setting up the profiles accordingly. I was just confused that this is one more undocumented feature.