EM06-E in USB 3.0 mpcie adapter

I have buy miniPCIe USB 3.0 adapters ADTLINK:

Quectel EM06-E with EP06ELAR04A20M4G firmware:


But modem did not detects in USB 3.0 HUBs and in some PC’s it detects only as USB 2.0 device and on other PCs it did not detects at all.

In hardware description says that EP06-E supports USB 3.0, how to make it work?

Hello, it is not recommended that you use USB adapter, it is recommended that you use USB3.0 USB cable to connect directly to the USB port of the computer. Note that the USB port of the computer also has USB2.0 and USB3.0, please choose the USB3.0 port of the computer, I hope it will help you, thank you.

Did you understand what you write???
Useless answer…

Your initial post is confusing, you mentioned both EP06 and EM06 there. The title says EM06 and mpcie, but EM06 is NGFF (M.2) modem, you cannot fit it into mPCI-E connector without intermediate adapter.

Yes, you right, i have mean EP06-E, anyway, answer of Quectel Support is nonsense as yours. Because - if i have installed modem in mpcie adapter and modem have answered by AT command, it’s already clear that question was about compatibility of USB 3.0 by EP06-E modem in USB 3.0 adapter mentioned in first post.

Seem that USB 3.0 bus doesn’t support by EP06-E modem, but it have in product specification and hardware description:

EP06 does support USB 3.0
I suggest trying another adapter.

hi i buy EP06-E LA
and my modem dont work as usb 3.0

can you demonstrate how the modem EP06-E LA works as USB 3.0?