EM06-A firmware and Dual Sim

Hi, we’re currently evaluating some of your modules , and we bought, among others, an EM06-A. It is advertised as Dual SIM single standby, and the chipset it is based on is advertised as DSDS.

In one of the brochures it is marked as “in development” and we found out the current firmware for the device is from 2019. What is the latest firnware? Where can we get it? Does that make the second SIM card support work? It’s not even detected as far as we could check with latest ModemManager and oFono in a host computer…

Thanks in advance

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
EM06-A supports dual card single standby,
AT+QDSIM=0 switch to SIM card 1, dual card single standby
AT+QDSIM=1 Switch to SIM card 2, dual card single standby
Did you test it on our M.2 EVB? There is a USIM2 (EM06) switch on this EVB. Please stack it on the USIM2 (EM06) side for testing, thank you.

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