EM05 LTE Module - Not able to send SMS or make phone call

Excuse me ShortyPTG, testing Qnavigator V1.6.9, i can send SMS

Regard calls, I can do it and receive it but I can not listen anything, like volumen is off

Any tip?

Hello again @Juan1 @herbert.pan-Q ,
Juan, Worked for you? these old softwares?

Set it to “SPEAKER”, and you can hear it…

@Juan1 Qnavigator V1.6.10 is the latest version. Try it!

I am checking Qnavigator V1.6.10. I choose “Voice call”, I choose “For Speader” (not Speaker), Volumen level “5”, “PCM output” and com port setting (Nmea) (Quectel USB NMEA PORT Com5) but impossible to speak and listen when I make a call or I receive a calling.

Yes, Ventafax Voice and Fax 6.3 Business version (it is only one Windowsa aplication) works and I will check 7.10.258 (last version today)

That sounds nice @Juan1
Do you know where I can download these softwares?
Thank you beforehand

About QNavigator, your issues can happen if:
1- your firmware is new
2- hardware incompatibilities - or not supported

I hope I could help you more… I beg your pardon.

VentaFax: Version history → 7.10 is the latest version

a. What is your firmware?
b. Yes, 7.10 is latest verision. I told you. I can not place any link, friend

Mine is EM05EFAR06A05M4G_01.001.01.001

Hello @Juan1 My firmware is the latest, my modem is EP06-E

Noted mine is EM05 (M.2 shape)

@Juan1 Mine is mPcie