EM05 integrate with android 9.0 in imx8mm Board

Iam working on imx8M Mini board with android 9.0 OS. I need to integrate EM05 module in android 9.0,
I updated our android source code with respect to Quectel_Android_RIL_Driver_V3.3.49_master_beta,but we can’t able to access the mobile data.

Can you suggest me how to overcome this problem.

please find below mentioned debug prints

emo5-debugprints.pdf (87.5 KB)

Aneesh K theyyan

Hi Sir,

The info is not complete.
I cannot get the RIL version from the log.
Is the QMI_wwAN driver integrated? Or you have tried ppp? You can provide the cat/sys/kernel/debug/usb/devices for the result?
To get the complete RIL log


Now i can able to access the cellular data , but iam facing inconsistency in network connection (network is working only for few seconds after network automatically disconnected ).
please find the attached debug prints .
Best Regards,Android_Debug.pdf (131.1 KB)
Aneesh k theyyan

quectel_debug_log.zip (2.5 MB)