EM05-E (M.2) several questions

Hello and thanks to Everybody. I am new user in this place. It is a pleasure to be here

We are testing a couple of new tablet PC with EM05-E inside (EM05EFAR06A04M4G firmware) and we have some easy questions because we do not know your product.

Enviroment is Windows10 LTSC updated version (clean installation) + your Windows USB V2.2.drivers

EM05-E works with mobile company phone and we can use internet, so that is good news.

  1. Internet service works but slowly. We used your module and get 30MB/12MB (down/up). Same SIM in same place in Xiaomi Note 9, we get 60Mb/40Mb. Any suggestion?. Your specs might to get better specs.

  2. For SMS, we used Qnavigator and it works

  3. For voice calling (similar to a smartphone), can your module use internal microphone/speakers or we need to link external microphone/speakers to jack connector?. The question is we can make a calling (using Qnavigator) but we can not listen any voice.

  4. For calling voice (similar to a smartphone), could you suggest a software with dialer and contacts?. We do not want to use calling by Whatassp. Just, we need a dialer similar to a smartphone.

  5. For GPS functions:
    a. Might SIM card be inserted to use GPS perfomances?
    b. We would need to test if GPS is working. Do you suggest a software like https://www.visualgps.net/#visualgpsview-content ?. We just need to check if it works. This software is very easy but impossible to check module works. We are not able to use your Qnavigator and we are not sure if SIM might be inserted in advance


1.There are many reasons for the slow network speed. You can check the antenna connection.Use at+qcsq command query signal quality.

3.For voice calling,use our EVB and codec5616 can hear the sound through your headphones.

4.Qnavigator has the dialer and click voice call to use it.

5.For GPS
a. You can use it after inserting a SIM card.
b. I don’t know whether the software is useful but you can use Qnavigator. I will show you a picture which can help you use Qnavigator.

Before performing the operations shown in the preceding figure, you need to connect to the AT of the module

Thanks for your message.

  1. Excuse me, what means “EVB” and “codec5616”
  2. In order to use GPS, it is not clear if I need to insert a SIM or not. Please, confirm

I will test the rest of your details.



For voice calling, You need to connect external microphone/speaker to jack connector.

In order to use GPS, you don’t need to insert a SIM but need to connect antenna.

Thanks, friend

  1. SIM, now is clear
  2. Microphone/Speaker, yes I know it. It not possible to use internal ones
  3. Excuse me, what is your “EVB” and “codec5616” from previous message?


Evb is a board that you can test with. About codec5616 it is a voice chip and i will send a datasheet to you.