EM05 does not work in Win11 with “Configuring Mobile Broadband Device 0%”

Hi Guys,

I had met a problem with my EM05 LTE module in ThinkPad X13 Yoga Gen2.
When reboot my computer,

  1. the LTE moduel works at beginning with symbols in the right corner of windows
  2. Popup the diaglog said “Configuring Mobile Broadband Device” with bar at 0%
  3. after several mintues it keeps at 0% and then it disappears.
  4. the TLE module does not work. And it also disappears in the windows device manager.

I call the tech service from Lenovo however there is no feedback.
Then I check the whole process and relize that.

  1. The LTE module works well at beginning.
  2. The popup dialog box is actually the firmware update process. It fails at the end.
  3. The process show in the task manager with “firmware update process” located at %System% firmware/Quectel/Application\FWUpgrade/WUProgressCtl.exe
  4. The firmware version is

What can I do next?

  1. Disable the upgrade process. (I have tried rename the file WUProgressCtl.exe, it does not work)
  2. Make the upgrade process successful. How?

Can someone help me?

Thank you.

Pls kindly download EM05 windows driver from the below link: