EM05-CE WOWWAN# pin is always low level

We tried to use WOWWAN# pin to wake up the system but found that the pin is always at a low level. We’d like to ask if the pin is working as described by Quectel_EM05_Hardware_Design_v1.0.pdf?
Based on the given manual the pin should present 1s pulse signal per URC instead of stay low for all time.

Any input is appreciated

Hi Ray

The WOWWAN# signal is an open drain signal, and requires a pull-up resistor on the host. And WOWWAN# always at high level until a URC returns, a 1s low level pulse will be outputted. HW pictures for hardware design guidance.



Thanks for your reply.

Actually, I have enabled the pull-up resistor on the SoC (NXP imx8mq) side, but the resulting signal from WOWWAN# is detected to be constantly low after the Linux kernel launch, we checked it using both an oscilloscope and Linux GPIO driver, same results.

I suspect it’s a firmware issue and already sent a mail to support@quectel.com to ask for help with the firmware upgrade.

Hi Ray

I have been informed of the situation. Wish your questions can be answered effectively.