EM-12g and ATT loses connection

EM-12g and ATT loses connection every day. This is repeatable with two different routers, and diverse Sim cards. I have updated the firmware on both routers with no affect.

I have heard about this forum from the LTE hacks forum. No one had any answers and I tried every suggestion.

I don’t know if there is a firmware that address this?

I don’t know how to check my current firmware. I bought one from eBay and one from LTEfix.

Some recommended qflash and a file. Others have recommended an OTA solution with a ftp server.

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your query in Quectel forums.
It is recommended that you check the imei number on the shielding cover of the module and check the factory version of the module through https://imei.quectel.com/. If you do not actively upgrade the module after buying the module, the version obtained through the imie number query is you Current version of the module.