EM-06E firmware upgrade with no COM ports

@PavelP Did you install our Windows or Linux option driver

@Isaac.Wang-Q Could you please provide me with the latest firmware of the EM06-E module as well as the option driver for Linux? I need to do this for me as well… Thanks

Isaac, I tried installing both Windows and Linux option driver which gave me no COM ports because the modem has no interface to bind the driver to. It seems like the modem firmware must be changed. How do I upgrade firmware on my Quectel EM06-E modem with no COM ports?

Good afternoon Isaac, I managed to get the emergency boot mode Quectel QDLoader 9008 port at the moment I flashed EM06ELAR03A09M4G the download goes well, I reboot all com ports immediately appear, I can normally send at commands , but after the next reboot there are no com ports, I flash everything again and so constantly!!! Maybe he has a memory malfunction?, as I understand it, the firmware is already outdated. You have newer versions, I will be grateful.

  1. EM06ELAR03A09M4G is the latest firmware version of the EM06-R03 baseline. So it’s not a firmware issue, can you change another EM06 module for tesing.
  2. After you restarted the module, did any devicves appear in the Windows Device Manage? Can you take a sreenshort if you have one?

Isaac good afternoon after entering the at command




you module currently only has one network interface, It looks like the module is broken, do you have a new mod for testing?

em-06 I only have one!!! I have another em-12 and it works fine, all ports always output normally