EG9x and chip pcm MAX9860 or at+qaudplay

Hi all,
i have used UG95 and MAX9860
with the command, “AT+QDAC=4” via the I2C interface, I chose the max9860 .
Now in the AT command list of the EG9X, the MAX9860 is no longer there.
in the EG9X now you have to use AT+QDAI (2 = NAU8814, 3= ALC5616 and 5=TLV320)
Can the MAX9860 be used?
Or it would be enough for me to play an audio file during the call to be heard by the called, I think it can be done with AT + QAUDPLAY after having stored it in the EG9X via genbinfile.exe, can you confirm it?
Thanks in advance

Dear Sisteck,
Thanks for your inquiry in Quectel forum.
For EG9X, it cannot support ,AX9860, so you can not use it again.
For your requirement, i think the following command can solve your issue, please check it. Thanks!